When you imagine an engineer or scientist building a robotic feature, you probably envision someone calculating numbers, thumbing through spreadsheets and drafting components on a computer. It looks like tough work that takes a lot of skill and focus — and that assumption would be correct.

Bricks 4 Kidz After School Robotics ClassesHowever, robotics isn’t just for talented professionals. Kids are fascinated with building, too, and robotics is a subject they actively want to explore. As interest continues to grow among young people, so too do the opportunities to learn these essential skills. Robotics clubs at primary and secondary schools continue to expand, and opportunities for specialised extracurricular activities are growing in cities throughout the country.

When exploring your options, keep in mind that kids don’t want to work on complex equations, nor do they want to toil away on the computer analysing angles and frequencies. For kids, learning the basics of robotics looks a lot more like play than work.

Educational experts agree that when learning is integrated into play, kids retain information better and understand it more deeply. Therefore, creativity and robotics go hand-in-hand. These ideas are at the heart of Bricks 4 Kidz classes. Whether it’s a holiday or after-school program, kids enjoy a creative approach while learning important robotics skills by building exciting LEGO® projects.

Kids models come to life in front of their eyes as they work together to create fascinating projects with intriguing child-friendly themes. For example, when kids create a dinosaur or racecar that moves, it activates the creative and analytical parts of the brain equally. They learn to follow steps and ask questions while strengthening fine motor skills.

What’s more, building the projects allows kids to troubleshoot and solve problems, improving their critical-thinking skills. It’s important for children to learn how to think outside the box and be resilient, as these skills help them overcome problems and build confidence.

Plus, when they complete a project, the way their eyes light up with excitement is pure magic!

The next time you see your child intrigued by the robot in a sci-fi movie or they ask about building the newest LEGO® project they saw on social media, consider creative robotics classes like those offered by Bricks 4 Kidz. The skills they’ll learn will benefit them throughout their lives.

Are you interested in having a Bricks 4 Kidz program at your child’s school after hours? Get in contact to discuss the options.  We also run a range of After School programs at our centre in Blackburn South.