Five Basic Principles to Foster a Love of Learning! ?


We all know the drill.  Multiplication tables in the car on the way to school, each morning.  Fifteen minutes of reading, every night.  Projects that need to be done over the weekend that you hear about on Sunday night (or on Monday morning!).

We know these common activities help children learn critical skills by reinforcing their learning at school.  And, every parent knows the frustration of getting a reluctant child to complete these tasks on time, or worse, to start a task in which he or she has absolutely no interest!

That’s because when learning feels like a chore, kids are going to resist.

Academic experts agree that play can be a great tool to help kids learn, especially when it is related to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects.  When kids have fun, they love to learn. And when they love to learn, education happens naturally.  Read more here…