After-School Classes with LEGO®


BRICKS 4 KIDZ After-School Classes are FUN and EDUCATIONAL where children learn about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) concepts.

  • Suited to boys and girls from Prep to 6.
  • Build our unique in-house models using LEGO® Technic bricks, gears, axles and motors.
  •  Each term explores a different theme.
  • Classes begin with a lesson about the build of the day.
  • Children build the model with a partner to encourage collaboration and team work.
  • Children investigate their builds, making modifications.
  • All builds have different levels of difficulty to cater for different skills and ages.

REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW OPEN FOR TERM 4, 2017! Fees are pro-rated for the remaining weeks of the term.


Term 4 theme: World of Science

Tuesdays – Music Room

3:00pm – 4:00pm

10 October to 21 November (7 sessions)

Calling all future scientists! Come learn, build and experiment with us! Our budding astronomers, meteorologists, zoologists, and inventors will learn about space, weather, animals, and more! We’ll build all sorts of awesome scientific models and gadgets that are sure to spark both imagination and intellect. If you just can’t get enough of hands-on science fun, then you won’t want to miss out on our World of Science unit!


Term 4 theme: Energy is Everywhere

Mondays – School Hall

3:20pm – 4:20pm

23 October to 27 November (6 sessions)

Explore the various sources of energy from wind power to fossil fuel. Learn about the energy released from different forces of nature such as earthquakes and cyclones. Students will begin to visualise how these natural phenomenon take place and where they get their energy from. They will discover terms like renewable, greenhouse effect and generator and build motorised models of just some of the awesome ways we power the world.



Term 4 theme: Air, Land & Sea

Thursdays – School classroom (to be advised)

3:00pm – 4:00pm

26 October to 30 November (6 sessions)

Step aboard to build some exciting ways to get from here to there. Take to the sky in our Bricks 4 Kidz helicopter, race across the beach in our ingenious land sail or zoom through the water on a jet ski. Students will learn what makes each machine unique and how it moves, exploring concepts such as buoyancy, propulsion, lift and g-forces! Whether you’re a high speed thrill-seeker or just curious about how things work, this unit offers something for everyone.


Term 4 theme: Amusement Parks


3:00pm – 4:00pm

4 October to 22 November (8 sessions)

Get your ticket to ride with BRICKS 4 KIDZ Amusement Park Mayhem!  Build your favourite rides and learn how to make things spin, roll, turn and rock.  Students will build with LEGO® motors, gears and axles, learn what makes each machine unique and explore basic principles of physics.

To bring our BRICKS 4 KIDZ® After-School LEGO® Club program to your school, give us a SHOUT – we’d love to hear from you! 


Missed Classes – If your child is sick, we will make up the class at the next opportunity.  Make up classes & transfers for other reasons will be accommodated as long as there is room in the class.

Please provide a nut-free snack for your child to enjoy before the class.

We learn, we build, we play with LEGO® Bricks

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