Bricks4Kidz is celebrating their 10th year in business by inviting children around the world to join in the festivities by building a custom model build and mosaic. Owners around the globe will be offering the unique model build to students enrolled in after-school programs, camps, workshops and Kidz Night Out events. With the summer camp season right around the corner, it’s a great time to celebrate and reconnect with our fun and educational programming.

The history of Bricks4Kidz is steeped in exploratory play. Ten years ago, a mother of two saw how much learning took place while building with LEGO Bricks with her son Luke. With each corresponding click of a LEGO Brick, the valuable lessons ranging from math and architecture to engineering and physics began stacking up. Ms. Cote, who had a background in architecture and design, soon began creating CAD models for them to build together. Soon she started offering summer camps and classes in local schools. After seeing how well the initial programs were received, she combined her entrepreneurial spirit with her design experience to create Bricks4Kidz.

Since 2009, Bricks4Kidzthe has experienced exponential growth, from one location in St. Augustine, Florida to more than 570 franchises in 44 countries. The global footprint has earned giant awards. The world of LEGO Bricks has provided a solid foundation for teaching children about the concepts of STEM in addition to real-life skills such as communication, collaboration, and creativity.

More important than the awards earned have been the lives touched by Bricks4Kidz through after-school programs, birthday parties, summer camps and Kidz Night Out events. The ever-popular lineup of various programming encourages children to explore exciting themes and build models that teach them about engineering, architecture and animated movie-making.

“Seeing a child’s face light up when they’ve built something new is priceless. Their feeling of accomplishment while having fun lays pathways to success and satisfaction. To me, the Bricks 4 Kidz tagline – we learn, we build, we play – isn’t just a motto it’s a formula for an extraordinary experience,” said Tim Walker, franchise owner.

To take part in the 10th-anniversary celebration at a Bricks4Kidz location near you, visit To learn more about how Bricks4Kidz contributes to lifelong learning for children through model builds such as the 10th-anniversary edition, enrichment courses and cutting edge programming, visit

About Bricks4Kidz:
Bricks4Kidz emphasizes a variety of learning principles through our programs, enhance students’ problem solving and critical thinking skills and model that includes proprietary model builds alined with schools curriculum. Children benefit from these programs in an environment that celebrates self-expression yet is relaxing and inviting.

The curriculum is designed to develop emotional and social skills, enhance self-esteem, improve motor movements, engage different learning styles and more through the completion of projects.