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Adults Only Lego Night – Springfield

Adults Only Lego Night - Springfield
30 Aug 2019 – 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Springfield Library celebrates it’s 1st Birthday with an Adults Only night of creating, collaborating and coding with Lego, and a special guest appearance by one of the Lego Master Winners, Cade Franklin!

Relive your childhood by getting creative with Lego free build, Technic project kits and Mosaic Build. Extend your skills with a Lego Mindstorms Battle Bot challenge delivered by Bricks4Kidz Brisbane-Springfield. 

Suits all coding skill levels from beginner to experienced. Free event for adults 18+. Drinks and nibbles provided. Bookings required.

Location note: Level 2 event space
Category: Special Event
Audience: Adults
Age restrictions: 18 years and above

Days till our Spring Holiday Workshops








How Lego therapy can be a ‘massive win’ for kids with autism and their families

Seth Lester places the last block of Lego on a Jurassic Park-themed dinosaur, one of the creations he is preparing to display at the Autism Lego Expo in Mackay, north Queensland.

The annual event, which draws hundreds of children and adults alike, is held just before Christmas.  For 13-year-old Seth, it’s the highlight of his year.

“Some people think people like me can’t do that much,” he said.  “But having these people go to the Lego day and see all these people’s creations and being amazed at what these people can achieve, it’s really good.”

After being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder four years ago at age nine, Seth has been attending a weekly Lego group especially for kids with autism.

A girl constructing Lego.
PHOTO: Constructing Lego helps these children build other skills. (ABC Tropical North: Sophie Meixner)

It’s a chance to spend time with kids who love Lego as much as he does, as well as his mum Melanie Lester, who is here every week.

“I don’t really spend time with my family a lot,” Seth said. Continue Reading →…

Bricks4Kidz® students improved in math and science!

New Study Finds Bricks4Kidz® Students Grow on Science and Math Skills

Scientific Research Proven by Dr Bryan Shelley of Advanced Educational Measurement

The importance of math and science education grows with each passing year. The United States Department of Commerce finds that S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math) degrees make college graduates more employable and have more successful careers. Throughout the world, parents and educators recognize that children must start to learn these skills as early in their educational careers as possible. Continue Reading →…

The LEGO Group and IKEA announce BYGGLEK

Two Scandinavian giants, the LEGO Group and IKEA, have announced (a little) more about what the companies have been collaborating on – a new range that will be known as BYGGLEK.

In a vague press announcement, the LEGO Group and IKEA stress the importance of play and the challenges adults and children have when perceiving play space differently. This leads to the new product range the collaboration has produced, BYGGLEK – images are not yet available.

According to the announcement, which cites research the companies have commissioned, children want more playtime with their parents and adults to see play as vital to wellbeing – but “Busy schedules and homework are a couple of obstacles, other restrictions like finding the space to play are more evident for adults than for children.

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Bricks 4 Kidz Celebrates Their 10th Anniversary with a Unique LEGO Brick Build and Mosaic

Bricks4Kidz is celebrating their 10th year in business by inviting children around the world to join in the festivities by building a custom model build and mosaic. Owners around the globe will be offering the unique model build to students enrolled in after-school programs, camps, workshops and Kidz Night Out events. With the summer camp season right around the corner, it’s a great time to celebrate and reconnect with our fun and educational programming.

The history of Bricks4Kidz is steeped in exploratory play. Ten years ago, a mother of two saw how much learning took place while building with LEGO Bricks with her son Luke. With each corresponding click of a LEGO Brick, the valuable lessons ranging from math and architecture to engineering and physics began stacking up. Ms. Cote, who had a background in architecture and design, soon began creating CAD models for them to build together. Soon she started offering summer camps and classes in local schools. After seeing how well the initial programs were received, she combined her entrepreneurial spirit with her design experience to create Bricks4Kidz. Continue Reading →…

Lego Masters Australia: Much More Than Just Lego

Nine is set to start in the second quarter of 2019 with Lego Masters, hosted by Hamish Blake, which promises audiences a different type of reality show.

Video on Nine: Lego Masters: Much More Than Just Lego

Speaking about the audience for the new format show, Nine’s Head of Content, Production and Development, Adrian Swift, argued it was important to understand that Lego Masters is more than just children’s entertainment.

Lego Masters is our newest show, and while it’s all about Lego, there’s a whole lot more to it. It’s about people who love Lego and can genuinely tell a story with those little bricks,” says Swift.

“This is not a kids show. It’s for anyone who has ever loved Lego, picked up a brick and built something with it, or even trodden over it in the middle of the night.

“The stories they tell in Lego Masters, the scale they build in and the joy they bring is quite unlike anything.”

Nine announced it would launch Lego Masters in 2019 following its success internationally.

With $100,000 in prize money on offer and 2.5 million Lego bricks at their fingertips, the possibilities for the Lego Masters contestants are mind-boggling. Throughout the show, the participants consistently impress with their creativity and ingenuity, all in an effort to claim the Lego trophy.

Swift says the key ingredients are the participants, who are set to take everyone by surprise.

“I think the audience for Lego Masters will be mixed. What’s really important is for people to understand is that it’s a show for people who really love achievement at its most pure.

“The contestants have skills that very few of us have. What they can do with Lego, the best singers do on The Voice. They’re people with design and building ability, creativity and imagination, and everyone will love it. I think all of us can just stand back and take out hats off to their brilliance.

Swift said Hamish Blake will provide fun and energy to Lego Masters.

“Because he’s so new to this sort of television he brings warmth, charm and humour that we’ve rarely seen on a reality show in Australia. He really sets this show apart as a host who makes you smile.”

Swift also pointed to the involvement of Ryan “The Brickman” McNaught – the only accredited official Lego builder in the Southern Hemisphere.

“What that man does not know about Lego, Mr Lego himself wouldn’t know,” Swift said, noting how McNaught is one of only 14 LEGO certified professionals in the world.

“What I love is the massive scale that these contestants can achieve with something that starts out so small.”

LEGO Lunar New Year

– 8 Facts About Chinese New Year –

let the celebrations begin!


LEGO Lunar New Year

– Happy Chinese New Year – 

The LOOONG Summer School Holidays are Coming – BRICKS 4 KIDZ has you Covered!

With the Summer School Holidays and the end of year just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about activities for kids and things to do in the long School Holidays.  With our own unique models of LEGO®Bricks and Robotics plus Creative Play, the kids are always having fun at our BRICKS 4 KIDZ School Holiday Workshops!

Our holiday activities are designed for kids ages 5–12, are staffed by trained, screened BRICKS 4 KIDZ instructors, and have the best child:staff ratio around.  We have plenty of super-FUN workshops with themes inspired by Star Wars™, MineCraft™, superheroes, ninjas, dinosaurs and others for kids on their school break!  Or, take it to the next level with our STEM-focused Coding with Robotics workshops using MINDSTORMS® and WeDo®robotics for a super introduction to coding and software programming.

BRICKS 4 KIDZ has you covered for Fun and Engaging School Holiday Programs throughout the Summer Holidays!

Engineer spends two years building Lego Apple Park


Roughly a year after Apple opened its long-anticipated Apple Park in Cupertino, California, fans of the tech giants have been rewarded with another inspirational building to marvel at – only this one’s made of Lego.

The new design is a 1.76 square-metre Lego replica of the Norman Foster-designed Apple Park and was put together over a two-year period by Automotive engineer Spencer Rezkalla, who modelled the design on drone footage taken during construction and used roughly 85,000 Lego pieces to build it.

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Queensland-built Lego caravan claims world record

A life-size replica of a 1973 Viscount Royal caravan, built with nearly 300,000 Lego bricks in Queensland, has broken a Guinness World Records title for the world’s largest Lego caravan.

Caravanning Queensland and caravan park group Top Parks beat the previous title holder by 73,472 bricks.

The Lego caravan featuring a double bed, wardrobe and cupboards with sliding drawers, was built by a team of up to 20 people from Queensland and interstate, using 288,630 bricks.

World’s largest Lego caravan makes its debut

A life-size caravan made of 288,630 Lego bricks has broken a Guinness World Records title.

ry with Top Parks.

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Brickman Awesome Exhibition at Dreamworld

Brickman Awesome

Join us for an even more awesome Dreamworld  experience at the new Brickman Awesome LEGO® brick exhibition – now open until 14 October! Access to the exhibition is included in park entry or pass.

Complementing the exclusive LEGO Store at Dreamworld, this dedicated interactive display is an exciting new addition to Australia’s largest theme park. The exhibition contains 39 exclusive LEGO® brick models, totaling more than 2 million bricks and clocking up over 5,000 hours of build-time.

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Full-Sized LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron


LEGO Full Size Bugatti Chiron

Today LEGO has revealed a full-sized Bugatti Chiron that is made entirely out of LEGO Technic elements and is capable of driving. The Chiron is made from over 1 million LEGO Technic parts and is powered using LEGO Power Functions motors and can reach a top speed of 20mph. Also packed into the car are 2,304 motors along with 4,032 Technic gear wheels. What’s even more impressive is that there was no glue to hold everything together. Continue Reading →…

Join Bricks4Kidz on our mission into the 30th season of FIRST®!

FIRST® LEGO League is a competition catering for upper-primary and lower-secondary school students. Every year, teams of up to 10 students build, program and compete with a robot, while also learning about a modern problem in science and engineering and developing solutions for it.

The entire competition for the year is based around one of these themes: Past themes include natural disasters, senior citizens, food health & safety, climate change, medical science, and nanotechnology. Tournaments are run with the feel of a sporting event, and teams compete like crazy while having the time of their lives. What FIRST® LEGO League teams accomplish is nothing short of amazing. It’s fun. It’s exciting. And the skills they learn will last a lifetime.

Join our Bricks4Kidz team on our ORBIT mission competing in the World Wide “FIRST® LEGO LEAGUE!”

  • Prepare for blast off, break out of your earthly constraints and go INTO ORBITSM.
  • The 2018/2019 FIRST® LEGO® League season will transport your team into space, where you’ll explore, challenge, and innovate in the vast expanse of space.
  • Email Carlo at Bricks4Kidz Brisbane-Springfield for more information on our team’s and how you participate.


Play and creativity for healthy kids

37677646 - child play with children's plastic constructor toysPlay is important. Research proves it. But really we just know it from personal experience, don’t we? Isn’t that why there is so much talk about work-life balance?

It goes beyond just finding a happy medium between work and life, though. That life part also encompasses creativity. The time, opportunity, inclination, desire to pursue our hobbies and our passions. Whether it’s writing, painting, dancing, singing, the fun of taking part in these activities renews us.

In fact, a review of literature by Heather L. Stuckey and Jeremy Nobel shows that art can help people renew when dealing with trauma: “Art helps people express experiences that are too difficult to put into words, such as a diagnosis of cancer.” Visual arts aren’t the only medium that can help. Music, movement and writing also have health benefits. Continue Reading →…

Hey all you great Lego builders out there!!!

Hey all you great Lego builders out there!!!

  Check this out.

    You could become famous.

       Good luck.

Hi Carlo & Penny,

I’m writing to let you know of a very exciting opportunity for LEGO builders across Australia.  

Endemol Shine is currently casting a new LEGO build competition television show, LEGO MASTERS.

The applications are open to LEGO enthusiasts from minors to adults and we are casting teams of two.

The teams can be two adults, two kids or one of each.

Auditions: LEGO Masters

A new TV show, LEGO Masters is on the hunt for Australia’s most talented LEGO builder.

“Are you obsessed with LEGO Bricks? Do you love to build awesome LEGO creations? We are looking for the most passionate and creative LEGO builders in the country to take part in a new Television Show LEGO Masters,” says a casting notice.

Endemol Shine is looking for teams of two such as Father / Daughter, Mother / son, Grandmother / Grandson, Siblings, Work Mates, Uni Friends or Cousins. Youngest entrants must be 12 or over.

The UK format describes the format: “From recreating working fairgrounds in miniature scale, opulent banquets fit for royalty to fantastical woodland creatures, each challenge showcases creative, imaginative and technical abilities and is judged by the VP of Design at the LEGO Group, expert judges and celebrity AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO).” The UK series has included celebrity judges Richard Osman, Bill Bailey and Dara O’Briain.

Auditions will take place from early August with a 10-12 week shoot around October – December.

No network has been announced for the series

LEGO® Play Zone for Supercars fans

The Virgin Australia Supercars Championship has partnered with international toy giant, LEGO Australia.

This just In from LEGO Australia 

There will be LEGO® play zones at the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship races for the remainder of 2018, starting next week at the Watpac Townsville 400. Events will follow at Ipswich, Sundown and Newcastle later in the year.

The Play zones will feature activities and Challenges for Builders of all ages, featuring builds using the Speed Champions sets.

IMG_8520 2_v1_currentSupercar Driver Mark Winterbottom  working with his family to build one of the new Speed Champions sets

The Play Zones at Supercars events will allow fans to stretch their imagination and compete in fun and exciting challenges, featuring products from the LEGO Speed Champions sets.

This includes pit crew challenges where teams will build a LEGO car and run it down a race track, competitions on distance ramps and a creative play that will feature a Cityscape Build, where fans will be able to add to a LEGO cityscape piece-by-piece, throughout Supercars events.

Supercars Chief Executive Sean Seamer is thrilled to partner with one of the world’s most popular toy companies to bring to life a new experience for fans.

“LEGO is a family favourite in any household, and to have them on board to offer this new experience for Supercars fans will be great for our events,” Seamer said.

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LEGO House Documentary

LEGO House Documentary Coming to Netflix

LEGO has announced, June 15, 2018, there will be a special LEGO documentary on the LEGO House coming to Netflix. The show takes you through the journey of how an idea from Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen come to reality. Check out the

LEGO House

The original idea behind the LEGO House came from Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen – a dream for the LEGO Group and for the town of Billund.

A unique journey into the making of a house built on a foundation of dreams. This is a construction diary unfolding the endless possibilities of the LEGO brick.

The concept has all the way been to build a LEGO House which would offer the most amazing hands-on experiences and inspire the guests to embrace creativity.

This includes a one of a kind architectural idea by BIG and Bjarke Ingels, a restaurant that serves the food by robots, 25 million LEGO bricks and dedicated staff that tries, fails and revises ideas in order to reach the company motto: Only the best is good enough.

trailer below.

From 15th June you can discover the fascinating LEGO spirit manifested in the ultimate LEGO building on all NETFLIX servers globally.

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