What will school education look like by 2020?

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We are going to see more teachers working outside their area of expertise.
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Claire Shaw, The Conversation and Wes Mountain, The Conversation

In our series, Better Teachers, we’ll explore how to improve teacher education in Australia. We’ll look at what the evidence says on a range of themes including how to raise the status of the profession and measure and improve teacher quality.

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But an influx of new students isn’t the only problem our school system needs to address.

Shortages in specific subject areas mean that many students are being taught by teachers working outside of their qualifications.

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And the number of male teachers in both primary and secondary schools is decreasing, even as specific subjects (particularly in the STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – area) remain dominated by male teachers.

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And while we are expecting an increase in student numbers, the teaching workforce is becoming increasingly part-time.

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Claire Shaw, Education Editor, The Conversation and Wes Mountain, Deputy Multimedia Editor, The Conversation

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