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Bring the Fun of Bricks 4 Kidz into your Home!

Share your online building or coding experience with friends and others within the same environment.

Our awesome Master Coders show children, step by step, how to create their own interactive stories, games, and animations using a block-based visual programming language.  In each workshop will slowly introduce and show how to use each programming block to ensure a gradual moves from creating simple programs to more complex ones.

Embedded within each program are activities that kids can try, thus allowing the instructor to give students an opportunity to explore and experiment before revealing to them the answer.

Creative Coding Studio

Ages 5 – 7 yr

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Discover programming through art, music, and math.

Collaborate with other campers as you plan and build amazing projects using visual programming. Create interactive greetings, experiment with sounds and musical notes, make your own comics, design characters and animate them, generate math art, and build level-based games.

In each workshop, kids will typically go through a concept review, solve a puzzle, run through a tutorial, build their own project, and take a quiz.

They create interactive stories, animations, and mini-games during each lesson and apply the programming concepts that they have learned.

No prior programming experience required.

Student Age: 5 – 7 Years
Class Duration: 120 mins per day for 3 days
Price: $90
Date: Week 1 – 22 Sept to 24 Sept | 9.30 am – 11.30 am each day (101A)
Date: Week 2 – 29 Sept to 1 Oct | 9.30 am – 11.30 am each day (101B)

Video Game Design in Scratch 3.0

Ages 8 – 11 yr

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Kids will create their own fun video games, while developing a range of coding and problem-solving skills.

Game designers will think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively to create various video games. Each game progressively teaches more advanced capabilities within the video game design software. Students will be proud and excited to actually play their very own completed video games.

No prior programming experience required.

Student Age: 8 – 11 Years
Class Duration: 120 mins per day for 3 days
Price: $90
Date: Week 1 – 22 Sept to 24 Sept | 9.30 am – 11.30 am each day (101)
Date: Week 2 – 29 Sept to 1 Oct | 9.30 am – 11.30 am each day (101)

Here’s how our virtual Online Classes work!

We’re hosting each session via Zoom.  Our instructor will host the session like one of our regular workshops and your child will be able to communicate any issues they’re having in real time.

Note that your child will need access to two devices, one with Zoom to see and talk to our instructor and another with the Coding Software. We will forward all instructions to download the correct software.

  1. Download the appropriate Coding software via the link we will send you after enrolment is complete.
  2. Download Zoom app onto a different device your child will be using during the class
  3. Once you have enrolled in a term-long program, we’ll send a link to our Zoom Coding Room to your email address
  4. 5 mins prior to the start of the class please open the link sent in the email on the device you have downloaded zoom onto and have the other device with the Coding Program ready to go!
  5. Each class is limited to a max of 12 kids.
  6. All times are Melbourne time.


If you’re a parent that wants to help your child develop social and emotional skills such as patience, teamwork and communication in the process of completing a project in a non-competitive setting, then look no further.

100% money back Guarantee!


Using the latest cutting edge LEGO® Robotics and Technic pieces such as gears, axles, and electric motors, the kids are always having fun combining both scientific and artistic exploration that harness problem-solving and critical thinking skills.


Kids already know how to build with LEGO® bricks, but with a little coaching and our specially designed step-by-step model plans, our instructors can assist in continually nurture their increasing self-confidence through a sense of ownership of their own creations.


Children of all aptitudes will enjoy a new adventure every workshop built around exciting themes like Amusement Parks, Space, Robotics and many more.

What Parents are Saying

“Billy loved it! “Can I do this every holidays mummy?” He loves LEGO® and I love that it makes him think. So happy to have a holiday camp like this.”

Questions We Get Asked

Are there age limits?
As noted above, children are welcome at our workshops from as young as 5, however all kids attending must be in kindergarten in primary school at least in order to attend.


What do the children eat?
Please note that food is not provided.  Please provide a nut-free food for your child to enjoy during every day of the workshop.  If staying for the full day children will need to bring their own nut-free lunch. Please make sure your child wears covered shoes, sunscreen and brings a hat!  We will supervise them outside at breaks. While activities in BRICKS 4 KIDZ® workshops with LEGO® Bricks are very safe, we place a very high focus on child welfare – at least one staff member at every one of our activities will have a valid First Aid certificate.

How do I pay?
Payment can be made via Direct Debit of Credit Card. Your child’s place is confirmed when payment is made. All transactions are processed in Australian dollars (AUD).

What is your cancellation Policy?

Cancellations made at least THREE weeks from the start date of the school holiday workshop will receive an 100% refund. Cancellations made TWO to THREE weeks from the start date of the workshop will receive a 50% refund. There are no refunds for workshops cancelled LESS than TWO weeks prior to the scheduled date of the workshop but we are happy to discuss a credit. Please contact us.

Alternative workshops may be offered where there are extenuating circumstances for the cancellation.

Bricks 4 Kidz reserves the right to cancel courses with insufficient student numbers and a full refund given.


What happens if my child is sick on the day?
If your child is visibly sick or carrying a high temperature on the day of the workshop, please keep your child at home!  We will make up the workshop at the next opportunity. Make up workshops & transfers for other reasons will be accommodated as long as there are available spots. We reserve the right to cancel a workshop due to low registration.


“The facilitators were fantastic at reading individual kids needs and very approachable for the parents.”

He loved being immersed in LEGO® for two full days! Came home excited and happy each day. Loved the different models to build.

”Epic” and “Awesome” were the words my son used describe his experience at BRICKS 4 KIDZ®! I asked him what he liked best and he said “Everything” ! He was very animated when describing all the activities. Very funny!”