Summer – time for long afternoons enjoying the sunshine and freedom from school and homework.

At least that is usually the vision kids have of summer, especially when they are daydreaming and counting down the days until school is out.

For parents, that vision may include some stress when you are trying to plan how to keep the kids academically engaged (and entertained) during that long summer break.

But all it takes is a little planning now so that you really can relax and enjoy those summer days.

  • Summer time is usually vacation time. Do you count down to the big trip? Or does your family take several smaller trips throughout the summer weeks? Use a calendar to keep track of trips and other activities. It will build excitement and keep your kids from asking “How much longer?” every day


  • Most of us look forward to weekends or vacations when we have no structure or schedule to follow. But the truth is that most people function better and are less stressed with some structure and routine. It’s true for adults, but it is especially true for kids. So go ahead and maintain some of your routine even in summer, such as regular bedtimes and limits on screen time.


  • Summer is a great time to get involved in your community. Does your library have summer activities? Can you find a place to volunteer as a family? Why not help organise a block party with your neighbours?


  • Summer is also a great time to learn about earning and saving money. For a teen, a part-time job outside of the home can be a lifesaver (for both the teen and the parent). Younger kids can have regular chores around the house and receive an allowance. (Make sure to talk with them about the importance of deciding how much to spend and how much to save. Then help them create a savings plan.)


  • Summer learning loss can set kids back significantly. Bricks 4 kidz Workshops are the perfect way to help your kids stay ahead. These camps keep the pace fast and the action going with LEGO® Bricks, games and more to ensure kids will have plenty of LEGO® fun!


  • Finally, remember that allowing kids to relax and just have fun is important. While you want to plan activities that will help your child continue making academic progress, they do need some free time.

Plan now and you’ll be able to enjoy your summer. Have you started counting down yet?