Welcome to term 1, 2016!

We started the year with our January holiday workshops and we ran lots of new classes. Junior Robotics and Stop Motion Animation saw us bringing in the big guns- the lap tops! 🙂 We learnt to program our LEGO® builds, and made some awesome LEGO® movies-they were a blast! Our Star Wars®, Minions® and Frozen® inspired workshops were a hit as expected, and it was good to avoid some very hot, and some very stormy days in the summer holidays by staying indoor and creating with LEGO®.

In January, we also attended our first Brickvention. All I can say is WOW! I was in LEGO® heaven! It was also fantastic to showcase our wonderful Bricks 4 Kidz program and gain lots of new fans.

In February we started our afterschool program. The first week back was quite tiring by having to go back to waking up early and getting used to the school routine, but we got there slowly.

I am VERY excited to host our Dads and Kids Workshop on 25th February. It should be a very fun session-I bet the dads are more excited about it than the kids 🙂

For the very first time, we’ve also introduced some casual classes as well, so in the month of March we will run a few casual Junior Robotics classes for the kids who are unable to commit to a full term of afterschool program. These classes will not be a regular occurrence, just something that I have decided to trial, so it is a good opportunity to take advantage of them.

We have planned an action packed year ahead and I look forward to have you all be part of the 2016 journey!

Until next time,

Ilka 🙂