Hello 🙂

The first half of the year has been extremely busy and has gone way too fast. Our afterschool classes in Epping, Doreen and Mill Park are running beautifully with steady increase in numbers as the year progresses.

Our first preschool class is amazing! We have children aged 3 and 4 and the pride they take in their building is adorable. They only use DUPLO bricks during the structured building but they are exposed to standard LEGO as well, during their creative building. We run the preschool class alongside the afterschool class in Epping so parents have the convenience of having both preschool and afterschool children in their extracurricular activities at the same time, which saves them time and gives them an hour to themselves to have a quiet cuppa in the foyer or just socialise with the other parents.

Our Kidz Night Out was a blast! We have had an immense interest in this event and kids are constantly asking us when the next Kidz Night Out is (shhh it’s in December 😉 )

We also ran our third Dads and Kidz event and it just gets bigger and better each time. We have a very positive response to this event as dads love LEGO just as much as their kids and it gives them a great opportunity to spend some quality time together. However, it appears that the mums have been neglected and we have had requests from the mums that they also want to join in the fun! So, we are in the process of organising a Mums and Kidz event soon 🙂

Lastly, the Winter School Holidays are around the corner and we have been extremely busy organising our workshops. We have been kindly invited by Craigieburn Shopping Centre to run their holiday activities for their customers in the first week of the holidays, so that is where you can find us from 12-3pm from Monday to Friday of the first week of the holidays. We are very excited to be given this opportunity to showcase to the general public what we do. We can’t wait!

In the second week of the holidays, we will be in Doreen on Tuesday and Epping on Wednesday. We’ll see you there 🙂

Until next time,

Ilka 🙂