Choosing the Best Birthday Party Venue for your Child’s Big Day! 🎂 🥳 🎉

Choosing the BEST birthday party venue in Sydney for your Child’s Big Day can seem tricky, but we’ve put together a number of key features to look for!

Locating a bright and fun local party place, with plenty of party options, enthusiastic staff, parking for parents and safe play spaces for the kids are key to throwing a successful birthday party for your child. Of course, a party provider that is COVID Safe is also essential in 2021!

An excess of FUN and a lack of FUSS are paramount to keeping your child happy and your guests impressed!

Fun and Enthusiastic Staff

We’ve run MANY parties for kids on Sydney’s North Shore and North West over the years and the staff are without a doubt the most important part of the day. They should support you from your first enquiry through to the sugared-high farewells at the end of the party!

Take note from your first engagement with the venue: are the staff professional and responsive but also able to assure you that they can create an exciting environment for the birthday child and friends? How long have the party hosts been working at the venue? Do they have the necessary Working With Children checks and a first aid responder with a valid certificate if needed?

A Central Location

The number one for a children’s party venue in Sydney is the same as the one for real estate: location, location, location!

There’s nothing worse than having an excited child rush home with a party invitation only to discover that the party venue is a long drive away through weekend traffic! All parents these days are time-starved, with multiple kids attending sport, parties and playdates on weekends. Look for a spot that is central for all families attending, so they arrive relaxed and happy.

Easy Peasy Parking

Sydney is notorious for difficult parking! We’ve taken our own kids to parties and then spent 15-30 minutes cruising in cramped, crowded car parks trying to dump the car, missing a good chunk of a friend’s party as a result.

For parents who are organising the party, this is even more of a pressing issue. Remember, after the party you may have plenty of gifts to take back to your car! Party venues in crowded shopping areas on weekends can be a nightmare for families.


Often, popular party spots grow and grow to handle more and more parties at the same time. This may make great business sense but for families it can make for an uncomfortable experience, with unfamiliar kids running everywhere and parents chasing them.

An ideal party venue will have an exclusive space, if not a dedicated venue. Kids feel most comfortable in an environment where they have the run of place and parents know that everyone belongs to the one party.

Safety for the Party People

It is essential that your birthday party venue be safe for everyone who is attending. Crowded party venues with a number of ongoing events and overworked staff aren’t the safest environments for our kids.

Children should be safe from injury and strangers while parents must feel comfortable letting their children play in the party venue while they get on with their busy days. An exceptional party place will have different strategies to ensure that all guests are safe for the entire time.

Healthy, Natural Light

Too many kids’ party venues have been located in large, warehouse-like spaces and lit with fluorescent lighting. Unfortunately, studies have shown a link between kids’ behaviours and such lighting! They’re not the best environments for large groups of excited kids or to spend a big chunk of your weekend time. The best party venues are in spaces with healthy natural light wherever possible!

Various Party Packages

A great kids’ party venue will have different packages to choose from to create a fun and engaging party. These party packages should include different options that can fit your budget and meet your wishes.

When looking for a birthday party place, look for one that offers you choices, varied according to your party size and budget!

Be Careful of the Food Options

As parents ourselves, we are nervous when our children are invited to party venues where food is included as part of the package. Unfortunately many party venues seek to economise on the food and will provide the cheapest possible party food!

We elected to take a different route at our own venue. We’ve partnered with a number of outside providers to deliver fresh party food, or parents have the option to bring whatever food you want. Look for a place that gives you the choice to provide the food you want for your kids.

COVID Safe Business

All kid’s party venues should prioritise the health and well-being of their guests. Given the circumstances of the last year, we are ensuring we do this at BRICKS 4 KIDZ now more than ever.

As a COVID Safe business, we maintain a thorough cleaning regimen to keep all kids, staff and parents safe at all our parties. Numbers in our venues are limited to ensure social distancing wherever possible, and we collect details of all people attending the party for contact tracing, if that should ever be necessary. We are guided by the updates and recommendations from the Departments of Health and Education. We have plenty of hand sanitiser and opportunities to stop for handwashing! Click HERE to learn more!

Sydney’s Best Kids’ Party Venues!

We want every child who chooses to have their birthday with us to leave saying “That was the BEST day of my life!”. At BRICKS 4 KIDZ, we can provide you with all of the features that ensure your Child’s Big Day will be AMAZING! 

Our Crows Nest and Gordon centres are super easy to find and are filled with plenty of natural light to create party places that are fun for kids and easy for parents. If preferred, we can even bring one of our Mobile Parties to you! Our variety of party packages means you get to choose the one which best suits you, and our range of food options means there is something for everyone. Best of all, our staff are the best at creating fun, happy and memorable experiences for kids and families alike! 

Have a look at what we can offer for your child’s special birthday!

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