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With our own BRICKS 4 KIDZ® models and Creative Play, the kids are always having fun at our school holiday workshops with LEGO®!

Our school holiday activities are designed for kids ages 5–12, are staffed by trained, screened BRICKS 4 KIDZ® instructors, and have the best child:staff ratio around!

Riverton - Riverton Pavilion

Kardinya - Kulungah Myah Family Centre

Bull Creek - The Scott Scout Hall

Palmyra - Palmyra Primary School

Canning Vale - Canning Vale Pavilion

SPRING School Holiday Workshops are from 27th September 2022 – 6th October 2022

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Ever wondered what happens in our workshops?

What are parents saying?

“He loved being immersed in LEGO® for two full days! Came home excited and happy each day. Loved the different models to build.” “ “Epic” and “Awesome” were the words my son used describe his experience at BRICKS 4 KIDZ! I asked him what he liked best and he said “Everything” ! He was very animated when describing all the activities. Very funny!” “The facilitators were fantastic at reading individual kids needs and very approachable for the parents.” “I thought it was well run. I felt safe leaving my child there. He absolutely loved it all – the t-shirt, the mini-figure and the rotations.” “Billy loved it! “Can I do this every holidays mummy?” He loves LEGO® and I love that it makes him think. So happy to have a holiday camp like this.”

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Common Questions about our Programs

What do other parents say about the program?

Parents love our workshops. They all know that their children are in the safe care of BRICKS 4 KIDZ instructors, all who have Working With Children checks and at least one who has a current First Aid certificate. All instructors have been trained with special safety policies in place at all our workshops.

Parents also like to know that their child will have a super fun day! Kids are given different LEGO® activities which they don’t have at home and taught different building techniques. They are given time to use their imagination and they will make lots of friends!

Will the whole session be LEGO? I'm not sure my child can concentrate that long!
We hold breaks during the day and have games and activities ready to suit kids of all ages!

The locations we use have either a playground attached to the venue or one that is very close by. They are clean, comfortable and perfectly suited for kids to spend their entire day in. And of course, the children will be supervised the entire time they are at our sessions.

What does a day at BRICKS 4 KIDZ look like?

During the session, kids are broken up into different groups and rotate between a series of stations. These are structured with a particular time allocated at each one and all have different LEGO® activities on them. There is an instructor engaged with the kids at all times!

We also have time for creative play with our mountains of LEGO®, where kids can decide what they would like to build and use their imagination!

We incorporate a morning tea break, lunch break and afternoon break into our days. We all sit down together to eat and then play.

Are most of the participants boys?

No, we have lots of girls attend our workshops – LEGO® is definitely for girls too!

Sometimes kids arrive at our workshops with their siblings or friends and we make sure they are grouped together for the day. However, lots of kids don’t know anyone when they first arrive and, after working together to build fantastic creations and playing games together in the break times, form really great friendships.

Are most of the participants older children? I'm thinking of sending my 5 year old. She's quite intimidated by big boys!

We have a range of ages attend our workshops, from age 5 to 12. We group the kids at the beginning of the day according to age, ability and to keep siblings and friends together!

We have a ratio of never more than eight kids to one instructor so there is always someone there to support every child and make sure they achieve their builds.

Most of our models have at least two levels of difficulty and the activities are also very open-ended, so we really do cater for all ages.

Does the program qualify for childcare rebate?

We are not able to offer a child care rebate. Many of our staff are university education students, so while they do not have childcare qualifications, they have a great knowledge and skill with working with children. They are more equipped to work and interact with primary-aged children.

We also have a ratio of never more than eight kids to each instructor, which allows the day to be a really fun day for all involved.

Is care provided before and after the workshops?

No, we do not offer care before or after the workshops.  Doors will open at 8.55am for children to be dropped off.

Parents are welcome to come in from 3.45pm to see what their child is building. The workshops end at 4.00pm and we ask that all children are picked up then.

How old does my child need to be?
As noted above, children are welcome at our workshops from as young as five, however all kids attending must be in kindergarten in primary school at least in order to attend.
What is your policy on Missed Workshops?
If your child is visibly sick or carrying a high temperature on the day of the class, please keep your child at home! We will make up the class at the next opportunity.

Make up classes & transfers for other reasons will be accommodated as long as there is room in the class. We reserve the right to cancel a workshop due to low registration. Space is limited, so please enrol your child as soon as possible.

What is your Cancellation policy?
Cancellations made at least THREE weeks from the start date of the school holiday workshop will receive an 80% credit refund. Cancellations made TWO to THREE weeks from the start date of the workshop will receive a 50% credit refund. There are no refunds for workshops cancelled LESS than TWO weeks prior to the scheduled date of the workshop.

How many children are attending?
Our popular workshops are limited to 24 children.

What should my child bring?
Please note that food is not provided. Please provide a nut-free snack for your child to enjoy during every day of the workshop. If staying for the full day children will need to bring their own nut-free lunch. Please make sure your child wears covered shoes, sunscreen and brings a hat! We ask children wear long sleeves and pants if it is cool. Please provide a jumper if needed. We will supervise them outside at breaks. While activities in BRICKS 4 KIDZ® workshops with LEGO® Bricks are very safe, we place a very high focus on child welfare – at least one staff member at every one of our activities will have a valid First Aid certificate!

How do I make payment?
Payment is made using a credit card online through our secure payment gateway. Your child’s place is confirmed when payment is made. All transactions are processed in Australian dollars (AUD).

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