Thanks to sites like Pinterest, the party planning bar has been raised from simple matching cups and plates to custom party favours and multi-tiered cakes.

It’s safe to say that birthday parties have come a long way, but the stress levels associated with party planning remain high. Before you lose your mind over a party, take some of our advice:

  • Plan ahead. You don’t have to start planning the day after the last party, but do start throwing around ideas a few months in advance. Some venues are incredibly popular and require reservations.
  • Pick a theme (and stick with it). Our children’s taste seems to change more than their socks do, so make sure the theme they pick will still be cool in a few months. If their tastes change frequently, go with a generic theme such as video games or dinosaurs instead of something more specific. If they’re unable to narrow it down, put the top choices in a jar and draw one.
  • Make a guest list. As with theme, this can also change. However, come invitation time, it’s much easier if you have a finished list of attendees as well as address and contact information.
  • Start preparations early. Once a theme and location are set, go ahead and start working on the elements of the party, such as decorations, props for the photo booth, and addressing invites.
  • Ask for help. We all have a friend who is naturally crafty, so seek their guidance! Throw out some snacks and have a favour bag stuffing party. Ask a fellow mum-friend to come over before the party starts.
  • Let us do the planning. Sounds amazing, right? If you have a LEGO® Bricks lover, one of our birthday parties is a perfect solution! We provide the direction, materials, invites, and thank you notes, so the stress of planning is minimal! Your child has an epic birthday party and you have some sanity left when it’s all said and done.