“We have liftoff!” While this iconic phrase is uttered at most launches, on July 20, 1969, it had a whole new meaning, as history was about to be made! Even though it’s been 50 years, landing on the Moon is still inspiring young children to learn more about space and even pursue careers in the field of astronomy!

As you start your mission to learn more about space and landing on the Moon, start with doing some research. The internet is full of interesting articles, videos, and actual audio clips from the landing that will intrigue space cadets young and old. Learn about the distance from Earth to the Moon, the difference in environments, and what astronauts have to go through to get ready for space!


Another way to learn about space is to be hands-on! While you can’t perform any actual experiments outside of our planet, you can try one of these cool space experiments or gather up your craft supplies and build your own replicas. Once you’ve tapped into that creative energy, the sky is the limit! Build your own space suit and eat what astronauts eat. Those old boxes in the garage would make an awesome rocket!


Of course, you can also turn to electronics to help you out on this expedition. There are a variety of apps available for your tablet or smartphone that can help you track and identify all the cool things in the night sky with your own telescope. You may also contact your local college’s astronomy department and get a schedule of public viewings using their high-tech telescopes and equipment.

If your little astronaut is ready to take off, find events that get them involved. A great example of this is our Mission 2 Space program! Discover some incredible structures at Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Complex 39, travel the surface of the moon on a lunar rover, and explore Mars on board the “Curiosity”, all with the help of some LEGO® Bricks. Check with your local museums and libraries for space-related events. Be on the lookout for live webcams of actual rocket launches and tours of the shuttles. 

On any given night, take a look at your surroundings and then glance up to the sky. It’s simply fascinating to think that one of our own walked on that bright round object illuminating the night. Who knows…someone in your household may be the next to do the same thing!