Lilli Pilli School Holiday Workshops and Programs

 Our Lilli Pilli workshops are PACKED FULL of  Fun & Learning!


Lilli Pilli Guide Hall,  2A Turriell Bay Rd  Lilli Pilli, NSW 2229 For a Map CLICK HERE.


One day workshops $80 -(9am-4pm)

Robotic workshops $85 – (9am-4pm)

Movie Mashup

Tuesday 9th July  2019 * 9am – 4pm * $80

**  SOLD OUT**

Lilli Pilli Girl Guide Hall

A BRAND NEW Workshop!

Join us on a Movie Mashup adventure! This workshop is filled with a variety of AWESOME model builds from your favourite movies.

LEGO® fans will build to infinity and beyond with Buzz, Woody and Jessie!  Their pig, dinosaur, and potato headfriends are sure to be part of the fun as well. Then prepare to enter the incredible world of The Incredibles!  Children will love building their favourite superhero family and help them to hide their powers.

Make sure you watch out for dragons in the sky as well. Luckily Toothlessand his fellow good dragons aren’t looking to hurt anyone, they just need some training!

You won’t want to miss this magical experience, packed with building and imagination!  Each day will offer something new including characters from the original movies and the sequels!  Children will explore concepts of engineering through building specially-designed BRICKS 4 KIDZ motorised models, mosaics, and 3D colourful character builds!

Ages 5+


Tuesday 9th July 2019

Junior Robotics 101

Wednesday 10th July 2019 * 9am – 4pm *$85

***SOLD OUT***

Lilli Pilli Girl Guide Hall

How would you like to turn your next LEGO® creation into a robot, programmed to do exactly what you tell it to do?  The Junior Robotics 101 workshop offers all the fun of building with LEGO® Bricks PLUS the challenge of software coding!

Using drag-and-drop icon-based LEGO® WeDo® software, the workshop provides an introduction into the world of computer programming and robotics that will equip children to succeed in a technology-based marketplace. This fun, action-packed one day workshop combines real-life skills with real-kid fun!

Ages 7+


Wednesday 10th July 2019

Advanced Brick Challenge

Thursday 11th July 2019 * 9am-4pm * $80

Lilli Pilli Girl Guide Hall

Calling all experienced BRICKS 4 KIDZ® builders!

Join us for this challenging workshop where you will be building all of our hardest Black Diamond Models. The clock is ticking… will your team be able to beat the countdown clock?

Try it if you dare! This workshop is open to all experienced builders!

Ages 7+



Thursday 11th July 2019

Superhero Academy

Friday 12th July 2019 * 9am-4pm * $80

***2 SPOTS LEFT***

Lilli Pilli Girl Guide Hall

Join BRICKS 4 KIDZ for an action filled one day Superhero Academy Workshop!

We will be building Superheroes with LEGO® bricks. Explore all the caped crusaders and discover their super powers. Create a fantasy world and protect it against all of the evil arch enemies with custom contraptions made with LEGO® bricks.

Let’s build and play … Superhero style!

Ages 5+


Friday 12th July 2019

Extreme Ninjas

Tuesday 16th July 2019 * 9am-4pm * $80

***SOLD OUT***

Lilli Pilli Girl Guide Hall

The workshop that was inspired by the LEGO Ninjago movie!

Ninjas … GO!

There are new ninjas on the block, and they are ready to fight to defend their honour and establish peace! All ninjas attending this school holiday workshop will have their own important role to play in carrying on the legacy of spectacular ninja skill, self discipline, and courage. Join the team by using LEGO® Bricks, technic pieces, gears and motors to build the ninja domain of temples, dragons, awesome ninja spinning machines and more!

Children will use their imagination and creativity to dive into the world of Extreme Ninjas

Ages 5+ 

Tuesday 16th July 2019


We learn, we build, we play with LEGO® Bricks