Lilli Pilli School Holiday Workshops and Programs

 Our Lilli Pilli workshops are PACKED FULL of  Fun & Learning!


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One day workshops $80 -(9am-4pm)

Robotic workshops $85 – (9am-4pm)

Remote Control Mania

Monday 15th April  2019 * 9am – 4pm * $80

*** SOLD OUT***

Lilli Pilli Girl Guide Hall

Making it move is the name of the game at this exciting workshop! Kids will love to see their creations in motion using LEGO® wireless remote controls. Each day, they will use fascinating and challenging LEGO® components to create dynamic vehicles, inventions, machines and more. As they enjoy the fun of building, kids will understand the basic working principles of many ingenious devices that are part of our everyday lives. This workshop is loads of fun and learning for budding builders.

 All kids get to take home a BRICKS 4 KIDZ® gift at the end of the workshop

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Ages 6+

Monday 15th April 2019

Junior Robotics 101

Tuesday 16th April 2019 * 9am – 4pm *$85

****SOLD OUT****

Lilli Pilli Girl Guide Hall

How would you like to turn your next LEGO® creation into a robot, programmed to do exactly what you tell it to do?  The Junior Robotics 101 workshop offers all the fun of building with LEGO® Bricks PLUS the challenge of software coding!

Using drag-and-drop icon-based LEGO® WeDo® software, the workshop provides an introduction into the world of computer programming and robotics that will equip children to succeed in a technology-based marketplace. This fun, action-packed one day workshop combines real-life skills with real-kid fun!

All kids get to take home an Awesome BRICKS 4 KIDZ® gift at the end of the workshop

Ages 7+


Tuesday 16th April 2019

Galaxy Far Away (inspired by Star Wars!)

Wednesday 17th April 2019 * 9am-4pm * $80

****SOLD OUT****

Lilli Pilli Girl Guide Hall

Have you got a Star Wars™ fan in your house?  They will feel the FORCE in this workshop!

Inspired by Star Wars™, our Galaxy Far Away school holiday workshop is packed full of models that will make your imagination blast off!  Build awesome 3D models of all of your favourite characters. Trust your fighter pilots building skills to pilot a rebel fighter to bring you back safely to the resistance. We’ll build motorised models that represent the amazing spacecraft from the worlds most popular movie and so much more!

Come experience this stellar journey to a Galaxy Far Away!

All kids get to take home their very own BRICKTASTIC gift at the end of the workshop!

Ages 5+


Wednesday 17th April 2019

Emmett’s Adventure- Building is Awesome

Thursday 18th April 2019 * 9am-4pm * $80

Lilli Pilli Girl Guide Hall

Do you think building is awesome? How about building with Emmet and Lucy? Then you won’t want to miss the Bricks 4 Kidz Building Is Awesome Workshop! Join Emmet, Lucy, Unicorn Kitty and Benny on a journey to stop Bad Cop and Lord Business from super-gluing the world. The children will put their engineering skills to work as they build motorized models, 3D figure models and mosaics. They’ll love these awesome models based on The LEGO® Movie and its sequel. Whether you take an imaginary ride on Metal Beard’s ship or Emmet’s double-decker couch, be sure to get on over to Bricks 4 Kidz where building is awesome!

All kids get to take home their very own BRICKTASTIC gift at the end of the workshop!!

Ages 5+

Thursday 18th April 2019


We learn, we build, we play with LEGO® Bricks