👋👋👋Hi Everyone and welcome back to Term 4 After School program in Collaroy! Air, Land and Sea is going to be so much fun this term, and there are still a few spots in our Tuesday class, and a couple spots in our Thursday afterschool. An AMAZiNG combination of LEGO® with learning and introduction to coding!  We welcome students of all abilities, even if they have never built LEGO® before we can accommodate their needs and ensure they have a fantastic building time.

Have a keen older child eager to join?  On Thursdays we are also running our MINDSTORMS EV3 Advanced Robotics program.  This week is the last week to jump in and join for the term!   

In Week one we starte out strong with the AIRPLANE! Ours were a little too heavy to FLY on their own, but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t take them up, and down, and all the way around with WeDo® PROGRAMMING. We learnt a little about Airplanes, the first powered flight of the Wright brothers (which was 120 feet and 12 seconds long) and we all had a fantastic time!

There’s still time – Come and join us for week two in Collaroy!