Hi all you LEGO builders!  What a fantastic Term 2 after school program we have had focused on life sciences! We built caterpillars, butterflies, Venus fly traps and for our final week we took an Australian focus and made our own Kangaroos, habitats and kangaroo friends (although I am not sure how well a kangaroo and a crocodile would get on 🤔). It was an AMAZING term and we want to thank everyone who participated in our fun activities online! We’ve learnt a lot throughout the term about all the various animals and the different ways we can approach building challenges! If you like what you have seen this past term, you will love what we have coming for next term!

In Term 3, our  focus is “Energy is Everywhere” and we will explore how we transform energy into a useable resource, places we can find it and the technology we use. We will be back in our Collaroy centre on Tuesdays & Thursdays next term if you prefer an in-person experience, but we will also be continuing to offer our fabulous online After School programs for those of you that enjoy a guided lego experience on an afternoon. Both options are fantstic, and we would love to have all of you join us 😍. Check out all the details HERE. If you missed out on our school holiday program this time, be sure to join our mailing list to get information about the next school holiday program. They sold out very quickly this term so be sure to book in quickly for next term