It’s no surprise that we absolutely love the new LEGO® Batman movie and we’re looking forward to creating some fun inspired by it. But do you know why we use fun themes?  Fun themes create awesome springboards for learning moments.

Such learning moments are vital in a child’s development.  In a recent article, Maryellen Weimer, PhD describes the learning moment as “a moment of insight, often a possibility or explanation that had never crossed their minds, or a set of ideas that come together and create a new perspective on a familiar issue.”  It’s the “Ah ha” moment.  And we can create opportunities for these moments by connecting fun + learning!

We have a few ideas on how the LEGO® Batman movie can inspire learning moments at home.  

Here’s our FIVE great ideas, (but we’re certain they might inspire other great ideas)

B4KBatmanMinifigOne. Create a moment to speak with your child about the importance of teamwork and humility.  These are key themes throughout the movie and can be a great conversation starter.  What does Batman learn about these character strengths in the movie?  Why are they important?   What can we learn from this?  Taking these moments is an important way to instill key life lessons!

Two. How about some fun Batman Multiplication (or Addition)?  Say what?  Your kids may groan when you suggest it, but stick with it and you’ll find them enjoying it before you know it!  Gather a few LEGO® blocks and find a mini-figure (or create your own super hero character from your LEGO® pieces), then download this great little multiplication game from Brightly Street or create your own!  We did a similar activity at one of our after school classes, but to be honest, I made it up as we went along.  “For 2 bricks, can you tell me what 2+2+?”  It was fun to watch their towers grow as their super heroes challenged each other!

BRICKS 4 KIDZ BAT LEAGUE WORKSHOPThree. Create a set of Superhero Memory Cards and challenge your child to a game!  Now, you don’t need to get fancy, there are a lot of samples to be found online, or you could have your child create his own – we suggest using some super hero stickers, or take it a step further and have your child create and take photos of his own LEGO® super heros or LEGO® mini-figures! Such a perfect activity for school holidays or over the Easter long weekend!  (My little nephew and I had an awesome time together a few weeks ago playing a memory game – the more cards you have, the harder it gets – but oh such fun!)

Four. Make this cool LEGO® Batman Papercraft.   Crafts that involve cutting are great to help kids develop bilateral coordination — a skill that is important in other areas of their lives, such as writing, tying shoes, typing and so much more!  So grab the scissors (kid-friendly, of course) and start cutting!

Bricks 4 Kidz Bat League WorkshopsFive. Colouring pages are a fantastic way to get your child off the screen. And what better way to inspire your child than with fun characters? Here’s a great one from LEGO® to get you started, but there are oodles to be found online.  Colouring along side your child is a fantastic way to relax together.  And it’s such a great way to build lasting memories, too!

So many fun moments to be had!  Of course, we also have a few fun moments of our own planned at our BRICKS 4 KIDZ® Bat League school holiday workshops in Balgowlah and Curl Curl.   We don’t want to give too much away, but we may even have a few fun facts about the biology of bats and the science of Batman!

Using a fun theme, like the LEGO® Batman movie engages your child and ignites their creativity – creating the perfect opportunity for learning moments that can last a lifetime!  So get creative and have an AWESOME time this week with your child!