We’re all hearing about the importance of play-based learning. Educators in Finland have embraced this and are the leading primary school system in the world, according to a recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Wait a second…the leading primary school system includes fun-based learning????  Doesn’t every parent already know that when kids enjoy what they are doing, they want to do more of it?

b4k-return-to-the-galaxy-narraweena-2016-31But play isn’t just for fun, it is essential to a child’s development.  Play helps children develop social skills – which makes sense, right?  But did you know that play also helps develop problem-solving skills? And it also builds resilience and confidence in children!

Is your child obsessed with certain cartoon characters? Does he or she watch the same movie over and over again? Or are there video-games your child just loves? The popular characters your child has grown to know and love offer more than just entertainment value. Use their interests to incorporated into fun learning activities!  Here’s a couple of ideas on how to start:

Use LEGO® pieces to boost math comprehension and problem-solving skills

You don’t need a kit, a plan or even a manual, just start with a few random pieces and your child’s interests!

Recently, my nephew and I used a bag he created for school filled with 100 LEGO® pieces.  We started by sorting it into groups of 10’s. Then whilst creating a fantastic, imaginary world with spaceships, robots and ninjas we discussed and discovered shapes.

We even discussed the ethics of robots! (Okay, so my young nephew probably didn’t understand it as an ethics discussion, but does that really matter?)

We solved lots of small problems and had fabulous fun!


Incorporate themes into learning activities


Themes help children become more deeply engaged in an activity and creates greater opportunity for learning.

For example, Bricks 4 Kidz® fun school holiday workshop themes include building your favorite Super Hero or bringing Minecraft™-inspired worlds to life using LEGO® Bricks.

The themes create a fun and inspiring atmosphere and serve as a springboard for learning cool STEM principles.  Use children’s interests to create engaging learning activities! Pokéball™ science? Not a problem – a great lesson in volume and mass!

Check out this fun Pokémon Math idea from No Time for Flashcards for an easy home-based activity.  Your kids will love it!

By using familiar characters and objects, kids will feel comfortable immediately because you’ve created an environment of fun. After that, the learning will come naturally — no begging, pleading or bargaining necessary.

Want to know more? Check back for the next blog post for more fun-based learning ideas or try one of our fun and inspiring April school holiday workshops!