🌈😎⛵ GET READY FOR TERM 4! Looking for a FANTASTIC After School activity?We have FOUR different After School activities — Check out our TERM 4 LEGO© & Robotics fun in Collaroy!

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, our STEM & WeDo© Robotics After School Classes will explore AMAZING inventions to travel the AIR, LAND AND SEA, and learn facinating facts about each model and how they move! Join us to build INGENIOUS Land Sails, ZOOMING Jet Skis, SOARING Helicopters, and MUCH MORE! These after school programs also teach LEGO© Robotics with WeDo©, so all students can learn CODING to program their INCREDIBLE builds!

Our Thursday Advanced MINDSTORMS EV3 After School classes are designed for kids ages 9+.  In this program, students will will build and program a new robot each week and learn new skills. Test their capabilities by moving an object with a robotic claw, build a bumper bot that guides itself, and more!

And on Fridays, its all about being CREATIVE and having FUN.  We’ll travel around the world on an adventure of a lifetime as we explore the history and culture of different continents.  In our WORLD TOURS Friday classes, we’ll build different CREATIVE 3D models with classic LEGO© bricks each week. The perfect relaxing end to a busy week for kids of all ages!

Get in QUICK to avoid disappointment.  We can’t wait to see you in Term 4!