Energy Science Incursion with LEGO® Bricks 🌞🌬💡

Energy is Everywhere:  Physical World, Earth and Space

Energy is essential to almost everything we do, from the lights in our homes and classrooms to the petrol that fuels our cars.  This program features exploration of energy in all its forms, with focus on specific curriculum outcomes for each educational stage.

Explore renewable sources of energy from wind, solar and hyrdoelectric, and biomass.  Look at non-renewable energy and the effects on our planet including the uses of oil.

Students will learn that energy exists in different forms, such as light, heat, motion, electrical and can be transformed or converted from one form to another.

Our qualified teachers are fantastic at tailoring this incursion to suit your focus so please give us as much information as possible.

  • Available as a 60 minute or 90 minute program
  • Suitable for single class or multiclass programs
  • We cater for up to 75 students in a single session
  • Minimum 25 students per session

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