Jumping headfirst into Term 2, and our After School Programs have begun! We run our programs Monday – Thursday during LUNCH at 12:30, and AFTER SCHOOL at 3:30 for kids across the Northern Beaches. We incorporate learning and LEGO® into a super fun 45 minute session!

This term our theme is Life Sciences, and this week we discovered DINOSAURS! Our sessions begin with a brief lesson, and then students incorporate this learning into making some super awesome LEGO® builds! Our favorite was the Tyrannosaurus Rex, one of the most famous dinosaurs, and whilst we can’t be certain, scientists have estimated they had a bite force from 8,000 pounds to 12,800 pounds. To make the comparison more clear, that is like setting three small cars on top of a T-Rex’s jaws, making it one of the hardest biting terrestrial animals ever known. It lived in a humid, semi tropic environment, in open forests with nearby rivers and in coastal forested swamps.

There were plenty more builds by the awesome kids that zoomed online with us, and if you ever want to send us a photo of your creations we would love to see them!

Come join us next week for another amazing build!