What is your favourite LEGO® set??

As a kid i loved my LEGO® as much as the next child. I remember spending all my pocket money on new sets every fortnight (and a few lollies too) I had LEGO® City, LEGO® Space with many broken helmets, just like Benny!! I took my Lego in the bath and the faces faded away, but i remarked them with textas.

But my most loved piece of LEGO® was my LEGO® Pirates set. I played with it for hours at a time, made other island bases and boats to have battles, I freed the good guys from the Pirate jail and escaped on rafts under fire from the angry pirates!

In fact i loved it so much, that my wife bought it for me (second hand) from America a few christmases ago. It now sits in my office to remind me of what magic LEGO® can bring, and yes i still get it out and have a play with it, but now i get to involve my son and daughter too!!

What was your Favourite LEGO® set?
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