Frequently Asked Questions about our Franchises

Do I need experience to operate a BRICKS 4 KIDZ Location?

No, prior experience is not necessary!

We provide a comprehensive week-long training program including marketing, operations, and technology training to supply you with the tools, systems and process to assist you in reaching your business aspirations.

You must be passionate about BRICKS 4 KIDZ, have enthusiasm for your business, a willingness to learn, and be prepared to recruit a team of energetic people to deliver AWESOME programs!

Can I operate a BRICKS 4 KIDZ Location and still keep my regular full-time job?

You are required to commit no less than 30 hours per week to your BRICKS 4 KIDZ business. However, if you do not have the flexibility to run after school workshops, school incursions, school holiday programs and birthday parties, then you will have to hire a manager who must attend our training week at one of our Australian training centres.

As with any business, it’s important to understand that the success you achieve in BRICKS 4 KIDZ will be proportional to the quality and quantity of the effort you put in!

Will BRICKS 4 KIDZ help me with marketing?

We will provide a proven marketing package, as well as strategic assistance with your on-going local marketing efforts.

What ongoing support will I get from BRICKS 4 KIDZ?

A strongly collaborative, co-operative and constructive culture amongst our Owners is a strategic focus of BRICKS 4 KIDZ in Australia. A key part of that is a committed national team that works to ensure each Owner is successful. We support our Owners using the following:

  • Daily use of Yammer, an online collaboration tool for global Owners
  • Quarterly Australian Owners Meetings, to share experiences and identify best practices
  • Annual BRICKS 4 KIDZ Australian Owners National Conference, concentrating on local support and development
  • Additionally, Owners are always welcome to attend additional on-boarding training at no charge!

Training in our franchise system is ALWAYS free.  The cost of the on-boarding training is included within your Franchise Fee, and you are always welcome to attend the training again in future at no cost.  Your only expense will be the associated travel and living expenses while you join our program.

How much does your franchise opportunity cost, what does this price include and what other costs will be incurred in addition to this price?

This question is covered on the Investment Required page.

What kind of returns can I expect from running a BRICKS 4 KIDZ franchise?

BRICKS 4 KIDZ is a young business, having been established in Australia in April 2014. There are pros and cons to joining a young business such as ours; it gives you opportunities at the ground level to shape a business from the get go, however, the downside is that we do not have years of data from multiple locations to confidently assess potential returns.

We recognise that you need to assess whether or not the business can allow you to reach your financial goals. To that end, we will assist you to create a business projection for your territory by providing you with access to performance data from existing territories and giving you access to existing Owners for their input about their journey with the business.

It’s imperative that you seek independent financial advice as a part of your due diligence and that you create your own forecasting and business planning documentation.

Why should I open a BRICKS 4 KIDZ Location instead of trying it on my own?

The BRICKS 4 KIDZ team has developed a successful business model. We have honed our operations to give our owners the best possible opportunity for success. Why risk it on your own when you can leverage our expertise and experience?

In Australia, BRICKS 4 KIDZ is now the largest business offering programs and events with LEGO® Bricks, having leveraged our strong and growing national footprint into brand recognition and key relationships with other national organisations. If you operate on your own you miss out on all the new developments that you would enjoy as a BRICKS 4 KIDZ Owner, not to mention the accelerating national presence in Australia.

Because of our national footprint, opportunities are opening up to BRICKS 4 KIDZ that individual operators could only dream of!

What makes a successful BRICKS 4 KIDZ Owner?

There are three elements to any successful franchise relationship: a proven Concept, a good Location and a great Owner. We have the first element, and we’ll help you find the second.

The real key is always the Owner! As a BRICKS 4 KIDZ Owner, YOU make all the difference. An Owner that is willing to follow a proven system, and is committed to excellence, consistency, and constant, positive communication with their students and community will always have great success.

What territories are available?

We are offering territories in all states and territories!  When you complete your EXPRESSION OF INTEREST, you will have the opportunity to nominate your first and second choices for territories.

If I nominate a territory, does that mean I will be awarded that territory?

We ask all franchise candidates to nominate a territory on application, so that we are aware of your interest in specific territories. We then proceed through the application process to determine if the business is a good fit for you and you are a good fit for our business.

The final decision regarding territory will be taken once you are prepared to place a deposit, further along the process. If your territory is available at this time, then you will be awarded that territory!

How long will it take to come through the application process?

We believe that entering a franchise is a significant decision for new Owners, so we encourage our candidates to carefully consider the business at each step of the process. Every candidate’s journey through the BRICKS 4 KIDZ application process is different, but typically our candidates begin on-boarding within 8-10 weeks of applying.

We do not have time constraints on the process and encourage candidates to take as much time as needed!

Will I be guaranteed a franchise after putting in my online application?

At BRICKS 4 KIDZ, our franchise candidate process is designed to ensure that the business is the right fit for new Owners, and new Owners are the right fit for our business.

There are no guarantees of award of a franchise, but likewise there is no commitment required from you until you are ready to go ahead.

How soon can I be in business once I have executed a franchise agreement?

You can be open for business generally within 30 days after your training has been completed!

What if I want to own more than one territory?

We are happy to discuss these options with you as you proceed through our Application process!

We do offer incentives for our owners to grow into multiple territories however our primary concern is to work with our owners to reach their goal of viable, strong independent businesses regardless of size.

Can I source my own supplies for the business?

Over the years since our foundation we have worked very hard to secure a strong national supplier base, which is now a significant strategic advantage for our Owners.  That said, we are always open to consider new options for supplies.

If you find a supplier that presents a better quality or more cost effective option for our Owners, we would be happy to add them to our list.

Do I have to be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Australia to franchise with BRICKS 4 KIDZ in Australia?

Yes, you will need to hold either Permanent Australian Residency or be an Australian Citizen to acquire a BRICKS 4 KIDZ business.

What costs am I likely to incur once owning the business?

BRICKS 4 KIDZ has ongoing royalty and marketing fund contribution commitments from Owners. There will be other costs that you will incur as a business owner. These are detailed in the Franchise Disclosure Document, and we will discuss all of these with you as you work through the application process.

Okay, I’m ready to open my first BRICKS 4 KIDZ Location. What’s the next step?

Your BRICKS 4 KIDZ journey begins with your EXPRESSION OF INTEREST.  A member of our team will contact you to start the Owner application process, beginning with setting up a chat to introduce the business and answer any initial questions you might have!

By placing an enquiry on the website, is that all I have to do to start the application process?
Yes! Once you submit an enquiry, one of our team will respond to start the application process. The first step will be to complete a Confidentiality Agreement so that we can freely share details of our business with you and answer your questions. Once we receive that completed Confidentiality Agreement from you, we’ll confirm a time for the initial telephone discussion and send you a detailed Franchise Summary prior to the call.
Do I need to prepare for the first telephone discussion?

The first discussion is an opportunity for both parties to find out more about each other and for us to understand your brand knowledge and motivation for wanting to invest in a BRICKS 4 KIDZ Franchise!

It is a “values-based” discussion, designed to equip you to assess your enthusiasm for our business and consider whether it is something you could passionately commit yourself to for several years. We will send you a Summary of the franchise opportunity prior to the call, and we would appreciate that you review the material in advance!

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