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The BRICKS 4 KIDZ model was founded by Michelle Cote in St. Augustine, Florida. Michelle initially started an after-school Spanish class in the spring of 2008, and then thought to herself, “My son loves to play with LEGO® – maybe I could lead a creative science LEGO® after-school workshop too”.  Michelle launched both the after-school Spanish class and the LEGO® workshop.  She had three children sign up for the Spanish class, but 35 children signed up for the LEGO® workshop!

Today BRICKS 4 KIDZ has over 750 locations in 45 countries. BRICKS 4 KIDZ is a Child Safe Child Friendly organisation and our number one priority in any activity is the safety of children under our supervision.  Our Child Safe Child Friendly policy is available here for download.

Who is the team on Sydney’s North Shore?

Stacey Bealing

Stacey commenced her Bachelor of Business degree at Wollongong University in 1996 whilst working with Accor Hotels.  She moved swiftly into large event management roles with Accor and Starwood Hotels, and in 2000 had the opportunity of working intensely on the FIFA (World Soccer Federation) Olympic Program.

After relocating to Singapore in 2001, she jumped into project management with ABN AMRO in Singapore.  In 2005, Stacey founded Mandalay Designs to produce, market and commission bespoke art pieces for clients all around the world.

Recently Stacey co-founded Bricoleur Ventures, the master franchisee for BRICKS 4 KIDZ® in Australia, and is now working to establish and grow the business in this part of the world. Stacey is committed to the success of Australia’s first BRICKS 4 KIDZ® territory and flagship Creativity Centre, and is dedicated to growing the brand in Australia.

Stacey’s Working With Children Check number is WWC0271146E.  Stacey has the Education and Care First Aid qualification from St John Ambulance Australia, endorsed by the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA).

Hayley Li

Hayley began her double degree course in the Bachelor of Education ( Early Childhood and Primary) at Macquarie University in 2010. Whilst studying she was given the opportunity to manage a fashion retail store located in the Inner West of Sydney. This role enabled Hayley to develop skills to becoming a successful sales consultant and a reliable manager to her staff and company.

In 2013, Hayley found commitment to education while working with a before and after school care company known as Camp Australia. It was during her role as a coordinator that she discovered the importance of play in children’s education. She is a strong advocate towards building programs enriched with hands on and interest based activities.

Recently Hayley began her new adventure with BRICKS 4 KIDZ as a centre manager. The company’s philosophy had inspired her to deliver holistic activities to stimulate children’s curiosity and creativity. Hayley displays a strong dedication towards making a positive impact into the succession of BRICKS 4 KIDZ in Australia.

“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, INVOLVE me and I will learn.” Benjamin Franklin

Hayley’s Working with Children Check number is WWC0240278E. Hayley also has an Education and Care First Aid qualification, First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis as well as Emergency Management of Asthma in the workplace.

Tara Lopez

As a child, Tara loved playing with LEGO® and wooden blocks to build anything she could imagine; wanting to become an architect or an engineer when she grew up. Since then, having worked in a primary school for almost six years, in both a teacher’s aide role and office administrator, Tara has found her passion for working with children and young people.

As a previous netball coach and umpiring mentor, Tara recognises the importance for children to have fun and enjoy what they are doing, and the benefits hands-on experiences can bring to children. Tara is currently studying a Bachelor of Social Sciences, majoring in Behavioural Studies, wanting to learn how to help improve mental health and wellbeing of children and young people.

Tara loves working at BRICKS 4 KIDZ as it provides an opportunity for children to grow and develop their curiosity, imagination, creativity and fine motor skills, all while having a lot of fun!

Tara’s Working With Children Check Number is WWC0830865E. She has completed CPR and anaphylaxis training, child protection training and e-Emergency care, all through the Department of Education.

Natasha McLeod

Natasha began her Bachelor of Business at UTS in 2012. During her studies she began working with a before and after school care company where she discovered the joy of working with children and the creative solutions they come up with during play.

After spending time working in marketing / advertising for schools and in media companies for five years, she has decided to pursue her love of working with children and has begun studying a Masters in Education (Early Childhood and Primary) at ACU. BRICKS 4 KIDZ has been a great complement to her studies, and she enjoys being able to provide children with opportunities to use their creative minds to create unbelievable LEGO® creations.

Natasha’s Working With Children’s Check number is WWC0170154E. Natasha has First Aid, Anaphylaxis & Asthma qualifications.

Josh Saltos

Josh was in sales for six years before he started working in Education. He has a Certificate 4 in Education Support. He is currently working in a primary school and high school supporting students with additional needs. Josh is also an Indigenous Liaison Officer at the high school he works at.

He is passionate about helping children and bringing a positive impact to students learning,whilst having fun. Josh began his adventure with BRICKS 4 KIDZ at the start of 2021 when his obsession with LEGO® turned into a fun career path. During his down time, Josh loves to build things with LEGO®.  He is also a car fanatic!

Josh has his First Aid certificate and is certified in Management of Anaphylaxis, Asthma and general first aid in the workplace.

Ben Collings

Ben recently completed his HSC at Turramurra High School. He enjoys STEM courses and challenging his way of thinking. He hopes to pursue a course in Mathematics at University to further develop his understanding of the way in which the world operates.

Growing up, Ben has always had in interest in how things work – from a toddler having a fascination with building sites and watching how the machines operated to a child playing with LEGO® bricks. As Ben got older he realised his love for being with children. Ben’s position at BRICKS 4 KIDZ is the perfect job, combining his passion for how things work and kids. He loves helping the kids with their builds, helping them to understand the process and foster STEM enthusiasm for the future. Making a positive impact in a child’s day is key to Ben! He feels privileged to be a part of such a dedicated and passionate team.

Ben’s Working With Children Check number is WWCC0813492E.  Ben has a Senior First Aid Qualification.

Sarah Donnison

Sarah is currently in Year 12 at Loreto Normanhurst, completing her HSC.  She thoroughly enjoys engaging in group activities that allow her to work with others and apply problem solving skills, and loves that BRICKS 4 KIDZ provides a team environment which allows children to do just this.

Having worked as a student dance teacher and a netball coach, Sarah recognises the importance of fun for children and hopes to ensure an enjoyable experience for all children that visit BRICKS 4 KIDZ.  By assisting children with their builds and encouraging them to challenge themselves, Sarah hopes to engage children with their imagination to ultimately use their creativity in several aspects of learning!

Georgia Graham

After graduating high school in 2017, Georgia started studying a Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Notre Dame, aiming to specialise in Paediatrics. Since high school she has had a passion for working with children, joining the BRICKS 4 KIDZ team at 15 years old.

Georgia enjoys creating positive relationships with the children at BRICKS 4 KIDZ and seeing them grow up throughout years of holiday camps and after school workshops. She is passionate about child development and believes LEGO® promotes creativity and fun through STEM!

Georgia has an interest in animal welfare and is a trivia enthusiast. She is dedicated in providing a safe, supportive and enjoyable setting for children to explore and grow!

Samantha Lee

Sam is currently in her last year studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Science (Physiology) at the University of Sydney. From a young age, science has been an integral part of her development not only in being creative and innovative, but learning how the human body works through LEGO®. She has always had an interest in how STEM factors can contribute to the medical world and with the ever evolving technology, BRICKS 4 KIDZ has allowed this to flourish!

From teaching athletes how to play Ultimate Frisbee and working with children in learning about Global Citizenship alongside High Resolves, a non-profit organisation in high school, Sam has found an unchallenged love for teaching the children at BRICKS 4 KIDZ and developing a strong imagination and intrigue with the kids, shown in their creations with LEGO® bricks. She firmly believes that BRICKS 4 KIDZ is one of the best places for children to express their creativity and build the communication skills within the environment, being a stickler for teamwork and having fun also.

Sam’s Working With Children Check number is WWCC0813492E.  Sam has also is qualified in First Aid from CBD College.

Amelia Rundle

Amelia completed her International Baccalaureate Diploma at Ravenswood School for Girls last year, where she found her passion for History and English. She is currently in her first year at the University of Sydney studying Secondary Education. She believes that a career in teaching is extremely valuable, and she hopes to inspire the next generation to be excited to learn every day.

Amelia has a passion for working with children and she loves the optimism and enthusiasm that children bring to all situations. Growing up, Amelia loved playing with LEGO® bricks and she was fascinated by the way that something so simple as a brick could create such incredible things! Amelia believes that creativity is so important for everybody, and she hopes that the children who participate in BRICKS 4 KIDZ activities will be able to stimulate their imagination. She feels privileged to be a part of such an incredible team as that at BRICKS 4 KIDZ, and she hopes to ensure that all children who visit BRICKS 4 KIDZ will have a memorable and fun experience!

Amelia’s Working with Children Check number is WWC2250517E

Tegan Gravelle

Tegan is completing her final years of school at Pennant Hills High School after relocating from North Queensland. She enjoys working with others and making new friends and she brings positive vibrant energy and enthusiasm everywhere she goes. She thrives on creating positive relationships with the children and parents, ensuring they enjoy their time with us at BRICKS 4 KIDZ!

Having worked as an Art Teacher and coached primary school sports, Tegan understands how to bring positive energy to make learning fun and engaging to ensure that every child has an amazing time at BRICKS 4 KIDZ.

Anne Malicdem

Anne is currently in Year 12 at Willoughby Girls High School. Anne is bilingual and is currently learning French and Turkish. She started volunteering at a Swim School for children with special needs when she was only 14. Currently, she is also a trainee swimming teacher and will become a certified swimming teacher for the place she is volunteering in when she turns 17.

At school, Anne has been a part of the SRC since she was in Year 9. Anne enjoys leadership roles and has experience with working with children, making working for BRICKS 4 KIDZ fun and exciting for her!

Lachlan Ardron

Lachlan is a current Year 12 student at Knox Grammar, completing his HSC. He wishes to pursue a career in architecture and loves the creativity that LEGO® offers children. Lachlan has a passion for working with children, joining BRICKS 4 KIDZ when he was 15.

Lachlan has loved playing with LEGO® since he was a child and always believed that it promotes independent thinking and problem-solving. Being an uncle to two young children, Lachlan understands the importance of children having a creative outlet and a safe space to express their ideas. Through building this safe environment he hopes that children have a fun and engaging experience!

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