Coding with Robotics using MINDSTORMS® EV3 and Scratch 3.0 or WeDo 2.0

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At BRICKS 4 KIDZ®, we offer 3 Coding with Robotics Programs – Junior Robotics with Scratch 3.0 or WeDo 2.0 and MINDSTORMS® EV3 Advanced Robotics.

MINDSTORMS® EV3 Advanced Robotics (Ages 9+)

At our MINDSTORMS® EV3 Robotics, kids will learn the basic principles of robotics and programming using the popular MINDSTORMS® EV3 System!

Kids will learn how to design and program a robot and use motors, sensors, and attachments to make their robot perform specific tasks.

Explore our MINDSTORMS® EV3 Robotics opportunities in our After School & Homeschool Classes and School Holiday Workshops!

Scratch 3.0 or WeDo 2.0 Junior Robotics (Ages 7-9)

In our Junior Robotics program students will learn how to write programs using Scratch 3.0 or WeDo 2.0 software to control and operate the unique BRICKS 4 KIDZ® models that they build!

Scratch 3.0 or WeDo 2.0 software is a drag-and-drop icon-based software that provides an intuitive and easy-to-use programming environment suitable for beginners and experienced users alike.

Junior Robotics is geared to students 7 – 9 years of age. They will be working with laptops and Scratch 3.0 or WeDo 2.0 software that bridges the physical world, represented by our in-house models designed by our own animatronic engineers, and the virtual world of computers. Students will learn how sensors operate to control their model.

This program provides a hands-on learning experience that promotes children’s creative thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving skills, which are essential in the 21st century workplace. Junior Robotics is the perfect precursor to our MINDSTORMS® EV3 Advanced Robotics Program.

Explore our Junior Robotics opportunities for your child in our After School & Homeschool Classes and School Holiday Workshops!

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