Our Popular After School Programs with LEGO®
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Our virtual After School programs build on the popularity of LEGO® to deliver high quality Educational Play!

In Term Two, we will be INSPIRED by the LIFE SCIENCES!

Come and join in all the fun of our BRICKS 4 KIDZ After School Workshops with LEGO® … Now Online!

Students will participate in weekly online eWorkshops on Zoom, using their IMAGINATION to build a unique creation each week!

In Term Two, we will be focusing on Life Sciences!  During this term students will explore the fascinating and mind blowing science of living things in our world around us. We will explore the amazing life cycles of animals!

Children will use their imagination and their own LEGO® to build creatures from dinosaurs to butterflies, to caterpillars as well as the venus fly trap … a plant that eats bugs!  If you love creatures, this is the program for you!

Here’s how our virtual After School Program works!

  • Enrol in a term-long program, we’ll send a link to our Zoom Building Room
  • Make sure your child is ready with their LEGO® each week!
  • Our engaging instructors will take kids through a short lesson on the weekly topic and then a building challenge
  • Each program is seven sessions for $70, limited to a max of 12 kids and perfect for ages 5+
  • All times are Sydney time.

MONDAYS, 4 MAY – 15 JUNE ($70)

TUESDAYS, 5 MAY – 16 JUNE ($70)


THURSDAYS, 6 MAY – 17 JUNE ($70)

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Common Questions about our virtual After School Programs with LEGO®!

How old does my child need to be?

As noted above, children are welcome at our virtual After School Programs from as young as five!  Younger children are welcome as long as they are accompanied by a parent.

How much LEGO should each child have?

As much as possible!

What is the process of booking?

Super easy.  Just click the link for your preferred program above!

Payment is made using a credit card online through our secure payment gateway. Your child’s place is confirmed when payment is made. All transactions are processed in Australian dollars (AUD).

Do the kids need a tablet or computer?

Yes, either a computer or a tablet will work.  All the kids will need mum or dad to download the free Zoom app before the Program begins and have it ready to go.

Is there a maximum number of kids?

Our virtual After School Programs are capped at 12 children.  The Zoom Building Room can get a bit raucous with more than 12 😀.

Are parents welcome to join in and build?

Yes!  The Program activities are aimed at the age of the kids but we love to see mums and dads building with their kids – as long as the kids are happy to share the LEGO® 😀.  We recommend that everyone joins the Program using one device. If you’d like children to use different devices, we need them to be placed in different rooms to avoid audio feedback loops.

How strong should the internet connection be for each child?

We hope each child has a medium to strong internet connection at home!  This means we can have high quality video and sound, making it more fun for everyone.  We know this isn’t possible in all homes and it isn’t a dealbreaker for us.  If a child can at least get online, we just ask that everyone is patient with those kids who may struggle to see and hear.

What is your policy on postponing or cancelling a virtual After School Program?

Cancellations made at least THREE weeks from the start date of the Program will receive an 80% refund. Cancellations made TWO to THREE weeks from the start date of the Program will receive a 50% refund. There are no refunds for Program cancelled LESS than TWO weeks prior to the scheduled date of the Program.

Do the prices include GST?

Yes, all prices are inclusive of GST.

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